Initiatives and Volunteerism

Volunteer and Extra-Curricular Initiatives

The following are some initiatives I have spearheaded in various educational institutions during my career.

2013 – Present: St. Albert Tokai Judo club.  3-5 yr Judo class parent volunteer.

2010 – Present: Boyle Street Education Centre martial arts classes (Aikido, Baguazhang).  Here, I volunteer my time and experience as a martial artist to students of the school who wish to learn on a drop-in basis.

2008-09: Guru Digital Arts College Instructor Mentoring Program (IMP).  As a volunteer, I worked with the subject-matter experts at Edmonton’s Guru Digital Arts College to develop professional best practices in classroom teaching.  I also worked closely with the Owen Brierley to develop a sustainable and action research-driven Professional Learning Community at the college.

2009: Indigenous Media Institute’s I AM Program.  Working with the administrators of both IMI and Guru, I am volunteering my expertise in the development of an arts-based upgrading program focused on aboriginal youth seeking to complete their secondary-level education.

2007-08: Inner City High School Digital Media Drop-In.  As another opportunity for youth accessing Inner City High’s outreach program, I volunteered my services as a digital media enthusiast to teach street-involved youth skills with various digital media tools.

2004-06: McLurg Debate Association.  This group of dedicated students were able, in a few short years, to compete provincially, nationally, and even internationally.

Guest Speakers Hosted

The following is a list of people or organizations who have, upon my invitation, lent their unique voices to the youth I serve.

2010 – 12: Mayor Stephen Mandel on several occasions at BSEC functions.

2009: Lewis Cardinal, Educator and Community Organizer.

2004: Memories of the Holocaust presentation.

2002-03: Brig. Gen. Clifford Walker.

2001: Dr. Hiroaki Izumi (deceased), 6th Degree Black Belt in Aikido.