ETMOOC and Ed Tech Today

Because I hate my free time (or something), I am taking two courses this semester. One is a required course in distance education technologies from the University of Athabasca and the other is a thing called a MOOC (massively open online course) generally themed to focus on the investigation of educational technology.

It is useful for a learner to declare their own learning goals prior to the outset of a course. Even though these might (and, reasonably, should) change somewhat during the course, it’s good to know where you’re starting (if for no other reason than to find out how far you have to go). For me, in terms of both courses, my major goal is to establish a means according to which I as a learner and a learning designer can avail myself of the wide array of existing edTech tools without trying to “keep up with the Jonses.”

As I write this, a brand-spaking new hotrod of a computer is being shipped to me. This will be the first new computing purchase I have made in years. It was a major expense and one that I made with the expressed purpose of being prepared to fully explore the gamut of technologies that exist to make learning easy. This major technological purchase is one that most learners in most parts of the world would not be able to make. Nor will they likley be able to afford expensive software and application suites that I will be using to explore these topics. And so, my purpose is to come full circle…to use this amazing array of tools to find a few principles that will diminish the overhead for learners and designers so that people can just connect and discover together.

Good luck to all and enjoy yourselves!