Shut Up, Fandom!

Oh no!  His lightsaber is cyan instead of cerulean!

Oh no! His lightsaber is cyan instead of cerulean!

I have to get this off my chest: Fandom, would you collectively stop hatin’ every time Superman’s costume is a little different than you remember it?  How about counting to ten when George Lucas inevitably changes something in a new cut of a Star Wars movie?  Breathe.  Relax.  Your memory will remain intact…as is evidenced by the fact that you can quote every episode of ST:TOS by heart!

Here’s the thing, Fandom: creative people create.  Creative people who own creative properties are as entitled to frak with these properties as much or as little as they desire.  If you would like to have new cool aspects of popular culture to enjoy, then leave these creative people be when they get creative rather than taking to the Tumblrs and the Twitters flaming because Batman has a toy you don’t like.  If, however, you would prefer that everything stay the same then just stop buying comics and going to movies.

I guarantee that, if you do that, everything will be JUST like you remember it.