Sacha Chua and the Good Life

I like to find out about people whose perspectives are helpful and hopeful.  I am also particularly interested in educational professionals who seek to enrich the lives of other educators and, of course, students everywhere.  So I am delighted to have stumbled upon Sacha Chua of Toronto.  She demonstrates what is great about our age: simple, helpful, and wonderful (in the truest sense of the word – full of wonder) participation in the world.

Take a look at one of her SlideShare presentations.

A Teacher’s Guide To Web 2.0 at School

View more presentations from Sacha Chua.

I share this presentation for two reasons.  First, as a professional seeking ways to help both teachers and students find their place in the changing landscape of educational technology, I think the message of this presentation is essential.  Secondly, I like to promote people who are doing good work.  (No…we have never met and I have received no money for advertising :))

Enjoy the slideshow and check out Sacha’s page.