A purposeful moment of geekdom

Ok.  I am no Apple fan and I have certainly never been a Marvel fan, but take a look at the Marvel app for the iPad.

I love it.  I don’t love it because I love comics and love shiny new technology (ok…that’s a bit why I love it).  I love it because of what it can mean for how we interact with our content.

This month’s issue of Wired magazine features an article about the future of computing.  One of the things discussed is the replacement of the Graphic User Interface with a Natural User Interface…the NUI where we swish, pull, push, and drag our content around as if it were in front of us.  It doesn’t sound revolutionary when you read it like that (mostly because you are reading in your head and can’t hear anything) but, as this video demonstrates, the natural interface can be remarkable for small children and adults alike as they grab and manipulate the virtual images before them.  This ability really dissolves the barrier of the interface and makes working with content so much more beautiful and natural.

And this MIGHT even get me to buy a Marvel comic.  Might.